Thursday, January 19, 2012

Magnetic Chore Charts

Lately our lives have gotten so much busier and our regular chore chart isn't doing the trick.  There are nights that we come home from school, do homework, eat, go to practice, come home, shower and head to bed.  This doesn't leave a whole lot of time for the kids to get their chores done.  However, skipping an assigned day of chores means that some don't get done again for another week and that's not good, especially when it comes to their bathroom!  I thought long and hard and decided on this concept:

Those are individual chores on magnets.  They go on these:

I had a bunch of $1 pizza plates that I had purchased for an activity at the school.  Cookie sheets would work, too, but I had these and I like the shape.  I decorated them with vinyl cut out with my sizzix machine.  The first font is in the Shadow Box font, the second is in the Lollipop letters.  The flowers are a combination of the Bigz Build a Flower and the Original small circle.  Easy peasy!

The magnets were also very easy to make.  I happened to have a bunch of square magnets left over from a Melissa and Doug magnetic board for toddlers. 

Print off your chores on the computer, cut out and glue to the tops of the magnets.  I sanded off the top layer so the glue to have something to stick to.  Paint the top with mod podge, let dry and you have a chore magnet.

A "Today's Chores" board is now hung on each kiddos' bedroom door (3M picture hanging strips.  Marvelous invention!)  I put chores that need to be done that day on their board.  They complete it and return it to my main board (hung on the linen closet door) when they are done.  This way, I can assign chores based on need and time available to do the chores.  I also color coded them based on how often that particular chore should be done so that I can prioritize chores with little effort on my part.

The kids aren't too happy with this new system.  They preferred the "skip it" method that we were implementing.  I, on the other hand, am thrilled with this and it seems to be working so far.  Any chores that are left on the board at bedtime are automatically carried over into tomorrow and a ten minute bedtime penalty is added to the next night.  Not many chores are unfinished and it's no longer unreasonable to expect that they get done.

If I do it again:

If I didn't have magnets to recycle, I would purchase small, precut wood shapes and use that as a base.  Flat glass marbles would be another option.

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