Monday, January 30, 2012

I Heart Crayons

What do you do with that bag or box of leftover, broken, stubby crayons that you've been hanging on to?  You make new ones!  These are my daughter's Valentine's Goody bags for her friends and classmates.

This is such a simple project and something that can be done with only a little supervision (except for the oven part).  This is how we did it:

We used a Wilton Heart mini muffin pan.  Nine inches of crayon per heart was a good amount for this size of pan.  This works to be about two and a half whole crayons if you're using new ones.  You could cut the crayons up.  We did. . . for the first batch.  After that, lazy me decided to break them up.  It's much faster and a lot easier.

Put your silicone pan on an old cookie sheet (Yuck, mine is gross!!)  You are going to bake these in an oven at 240 degrees for 15 minutes.  Don't go hotter or longer; the wax will get too hot and mix all together and you'll end up with an ugly brown crayon.  Take them out, let  them cool and pop them out.  Repeat a bajillion more times until you have enough for each friend to have five.  Okay, maybe not a bajillion, but close.

They actually turn out really kind of neat.  Coloring with them is fun because you never know when the color is going to change!

We packaged them up in cello treat bags (left over from Snowman Soup) and put a tag inside.  We were thinking of doing a tiny box for them but, let's face it, they're going to second graders who will probably toss the packaging before they even get into the backpack.  This is functional, cheap and not too strenuous to repeat twenty five times.

TIP:  If you aren't delegating crayon paper removal duty to a child, you can get them off really easily with a utility knife.  Slice down the length of the crayon with the knife though the paper into the crayon (but not into your finger!).  It peels right off with no effort. 

The poem is my effort in channeling Dr. Seuss and just printed out on the computer.  We glued the poem to a tag that we cut out with a Sizzix die.  Slide it in with five crayons and you have a sugar free treat for the class!  (Just kidding with the sugar free part. . . don't eat these!!!!)

If I do it again:

I would scour eBay and the thrift shops and find another heart pan or two so it didn't take so long.  It took us three days of melting crayons down to have enough for her classmates to all have five. 

I really think these would look good in a small treat box (like a mini Chinese take-out box) but I didn't want to take the effort to make so many of them.  We will probably make one or two of them for her teachers, though.

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