Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gift Card Assortment Holder

I was in charge of putting together a teacher's birthday basket and I was having a tough time coming up with a cute way to put the gift cards into the basket.  I checked out my sizzix dies for inspiration and came up with this idea:

I ended up with eight gift cards to include so there are eight pockets inside to hold the gift cards now.  Hopefully, she can find a use for this after the gift cards have been spent!

I used the Sizzix Bigz XL die "Accordian Album".  It cuts out like this minus the notch in the top.   I used a circle hole punch to cut out the notch. 

Then I glued the pieces together into little pockets with the notch at the top.

I made eight of these using double sided scrapbook paper and making them all different.  These pockets measure 5x5 when completed.

I used my Zutter machine to put a row of holes for binding in the side of the pocket.  Make sure to set them so that the notch is at the top. . . I did an entire set wrong and had to redo it!

I decided to make the cover a little larger based off experience (this is my second cover attempt!)  I used some cute fabric (recognize it from my drying rack tutorial?!?) and added a ribbon.  The flower is a silk daisy I took apart and the cute pearl in the middle is a button.

A tip to keep the ribbon from fraying when you punch the holes is to paint a layer of Stampin Up's crystal effects over it.  I think regular glue or modge podge would probably work, too, but this dries fast.  When the hole is punched, it goes through cleanly and the flower hides the little bit that you can see.  Bind it and you are done!

The booklet turned out cute and I may make myself one to keep coupons in for grocery shopping.

If I Did It Again

Since this was a gift and I was feeling especially fussy, I fixed most of my mistakes.  I made an entirely different booklet with the openings to the side and realized it was not very practical.  I also had a different cover that was plainer and the same size as the inside pockets.  I made a bigger cover that tied closed and was a bit more fun.  Here is what I didn't change that I would next time:

1.  I would not use fabric on the cover.  It was a pain to keep from fraying at the corners.  It used more glue than I would normally like.

2.  I would pick something a little more practical than a ribbon to tie it closed.  Perhaps ribbon and velcro?

3.  I would use more rings to bind it closed.  I didn't want to use too many and make it look too much like a book but the six I used for this size is a bit too few for my taste.

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