Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dresser to Nightstand

The last major project for my little girl's room was her nightstand.  She needed one but her bed is so high (think Princess and the Pea) that I was having a hard time finding something that would be tall enough but not too wide.  It needed to fit into a very tight space.

I found this. 

It's not my style so it was banished to the basement.  I hauled it up to check to see if it would work and discovered that the green works with her room but the black hardware and the ugly faux wood top did not.  We tweeked it a teeny bit.  This is what it turned out to be:

It works a lot better than it did in its original form and it was done at no cost.

First, I filled in that ridge that they grooved into the top with wood filler.

Let dry and sand smooth.  Sand the rest of it while you are at it so that the paint grabs.

And paint.  You need an enamel for good wear and you need to use a high density foam roller so that it stays smooth.  Look for a roller that says for cabinet or furniture use.  I sanded the first coat and added a second and third.

The knobs were from my vast collection.  I love knobs and have acquired a collection of them from different garage sales.  It's one of my many endearing quirks.  I found these five knobs and thought they'd work well.

Next to her white headboard, it looks fabulous.  You can't tell from the photos but the wall color is a pale green so the nightstand works well with the overall colors.

Now both kiddos have more sophisticated rooms which will, hopefully, last them.  I am not planning on doing this again in the near future!

If I do it again:

I think I'd take a little more time and do something with the drawer color.  My house hasn't been properly cleaned for a couple of weeks, now, and it's driving me nuts so I was wanting to get this project over and done with.  Other than that, this was a quick, easy and free project so it scores points with me.

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