Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cottage Style Headboard

We are still working on my little girl's room and we are at the phase where we are thinking about the furniture.  So far, she has a white desk.  We thought that a large white headboard would look nice in her room.  We didn't realize how much headboards cost!

We looked around and decided to make our own.  I liked the cottage styles with beadboard but beadboard is very expensive.  This is what we ended up making:

That, my friends, is beadboard WALLPAPER!  It is paintable, washable and SO easy to use!  Here's how we did this remarkably easy project!

Check your woodpile and scraps.  We had a lot of what we needed for this piece.

Measure the width of your bed and decide how big you want your headboard.  I knew that a piece of plywood is 48 x 96.  Her bed is a full and measures 53 wide.  I had the Home Depot guy cut a very cheap piece of plywood at 53 inches.  The headboard was going to measure 48x53.

This is the wallpaper I used.  It's a Martha Stewart brand item and I had to order it in but it was worth the wait.  Very easy to use, very forgiving and very nice!

You need wallpaper paste for this.  I happened to have some leftover from hanging a border but you can make some or buy it.  I drew a straight line from top to bottom about a quarter of the way in and laid my first strip up to that line.

Smooth, cut (leave excess) and repeat!

Let dry.  This was SO much worse than waiting for paint to dry!!!  Trim.  I wrapped the bottom around and stapled it to the back.  I cut the other three sides inside the edge since it was going to be covered by trim and I didn't want any little pieces hanging out.

You will need some trim for the top and some trim for the sides.  We chose a very cheap trim for the sides and something a tad more ornate for the top.  Cut to size and brad nail on.  We added a thin layer of wood glue, too.

Fill those holes with some wood filler, sand and paint.  We used a high gloss white enamel.  It's durable and washable and very, very pretty!

I didn't want to make holes in my headboard to hang it so this is what we did:

It's a 2x4 screwed directly into the studs.  We added a piece of square dowel to the edge with wood glue and brad nails so the headboard won't slip off.  It sits inside that lip.

The top of the headboard is attached to the wall with two metal braces screwed into the back of the headboard and into the wall with drywall anchors.  I painted them the same color as the wall so you can't see them.

Add a bed and bedding. . . done and done!

If I do it again:

1.  I would use thicker trim pieces on the sides.  You can't really tell that those are trim pieces unless you are up right at the headboard.  They're so thin that they look like a piece of the beadboard.

2.  I would make the headboard just a *tad* wider.  Perhaps an inch. . . it's a little thing but it bugs me.  I like things to be just so!

3.  I would add a little bit of the trim to the bottom of the headboard where you see it sticking out.  It would only have to go in two or three inches but it would look nice and finish it well.

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  1. Super cute and it looks pretty easy. I already have a headboard and footboard that are birch (I think) and I am not crazy about the color of the wood and was considering painting them white for my little girl's room. The beadboard wallpaper would add just the right touch I think!