Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hats, Mittens and Scarves, Oh My!

It's finally gotten cold enough here in KC that we're pulling out the hats and mittens.  Each year I go out and buy a few more pairs of mittens and a few more hats per child since we never seem to be able to  hang on to them from previous years. 

Hats and mittens are usually tossed into a storage bench after wearing.  Before buying more this year, I decided to see what we had on hand.  Surprise, surprise!  We have enough mittens and hats for the neighborhood!

How to organize them so that they could be found easily and they're not tossed into a pile?  I actually found a very cheap solution at Target.

This is a shoe organizer for a closet.  I didn't use the hooks that came with it, rather attached three sticky hooks to the inside of the door to hang it on.  I would have preferred the shoe organizer with pockets that were fabric rather than the plastic, just so things could dry, but I couldn't warrant paying an additional $10 for that feature.  This was a $4 solution.

I folded the mittens like socks and put them into the pockets.  Scarves were wound up and put into their slots and the hats were folded into thirds to fit.  Everything fits nicely and it's a lot easier than going through the bench in the morning looking for matching mittens.  The kids can put their gloves away when they get home if they're dry.  If not, they will have to lay them out and them put them away when they're ready.

We shall see if this system works for the entire year but, as of now, I really like the possibility.  My storage bench isn't full of mismatched gloves and I can see what's available at a glance. 

Happy Winter!

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