Friday, December 9, 2011

Candied Apple Jelly

Tis the Season!

We always try to bring our neighbors a little something during the Christmas Season but it can get a little expensive so we try to stick with something homemade.  This year we are doing candied apple jelly.

It's super easy.  You can make these and put them in the refrigerator or you can put them in a boiling water bath and make them shelf stable.  I would suggest keeping them in the fridge unless you are a canner as canning equipment can get expensive.

Here's the recipe:

4 cups apple juice, unsweetened
1/2 cup cinnamon candies (I like the discs)
1 pkg. Pectin
4 1/2 cups sugar

Start by mixing the pectin, apple juice and unwrapped candies in a large pot.  You can buy pectin in the canning aisle.  Here's what it looks like:

Bring everything everything to a rolling boil and boil for two minutes.

This should be boiling, steaming and rolling for two whole minutes.  Stir the entire time.  Dump all the sugar in at once and keep stirring.  Bring it all to a boil again and time it for three minute.  Check to see if it's ready and if it is, remove from heat.

I check by putting a little into a bowl and seeing if it gels.  This is what it should look like.

Fill your jars and put lids on them.  If you are going to make them shelf stable, boiling water bath them for ten minutes.  Otherwise, let them cool and move them to the fridge.

These are the prettiest color of red and taste absolutely fabulous.  It's super easy, very fast and decorating the jar lids can be a family project.  This recipe makes eight half pints (jelly size) and double that of the mini jars (quarter pints).  We do both size and give the larger jars to families and the smaller jars to our single neighbors and friends.

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