Saturday, November 26, 2011

Laundry Room, part deux

I think the laundry room is officially finished.  I have been adding things as I've needed it to make it somewhat tolerable for me to fold laundry there.  I've made it two weeks with my new attitude on laundry (fold it now, not later) and it's been great to have my Saturday evenings free from mismatched socks and quests to find hangars.

Here it is!
This is the view from the door looking in.  I love the room but it didn't turn out anything like I had envisioned!

I had intended on putting up a prefabricated counter top that I was going to purchase at Lowes and have cut to size.  To mount it, I put two 2x4s that I painted the same color as the walls and screwed into studs.  

The plan was to put the washer and dryer in and then put the counter top over it.  We could pull it off to get behind the washer if needed and it would be a great space to fold clothes.  Easy peasy.

Not so much.  The dryer couldn't go back to the wall because of the venting.  My washer and dryer were now sitting TEN INCHES from the back wall and there was nothing I could do about that.  The guy that hooked me up was very unsympathetic and suggested hiring someone to re-vent the laundry room.  Don't think so.

So I bought a board.  It was a very cheap board at Lowes that I asked the nice man to cut to size for me.  I didn't have to haul out the table saw and do it myself and I got the two cuts for free.  I also grabbed two 2x4s cut them and screwed them across the width of the board at the back and again in the middle.  Instead of being the 25 inches deep that my counter would have been, the board was 35 inches.  LOTS bigger than I had originally wanted AND it was ugly.

I found cheap fabric on clearance and cheap clear vinyl ($3.99 a yard at Hobby Lobby!) and covered the board like I was upholstering it.  I popped it in and I have a counter top that is even cheaper than what I was going to spend on the prefab one.

It's a good thing I'm tall because it would be hard to reach the cabinets with the washer sticking out that far if I wasn't.  This design probably won't work well for the shorter folk but it works for me.  I mounted two cheap plant brackets and put a curtain rod between them for my hanging clothes.  I put a piece of leftover dowel in the rod to make it stronger.

This fits perfectly between the cabinet door and the door to the room.  I also hung my ironing board up on the wall and got it off the back of the door so the door now opens completely.  Yeah!

Those are two $1.19 hooks found in the hardware section of Home Depot.  They're made for the garage but they work well for what I need them to be.  I added three colorful bins on the counter:  one for adult hangars, one for kids' hangars and one for mismatched socks.

So far it's working for me and it's very convenient to have everything in one place.  There's room for two in there but when you start hanging clothes and the drying rack is down, there's really only room for one.  That's fine because I prefer to fold alone!

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