Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Ending, Back to Work!

Today was the last day of the kids' spring break.  We really enjoyed each other, I think!  I can't speak for them but I know I had a lot of fun.

As a last day off treat, I took the kids to see the movie "Diary of a Whimpy Kid".  Boy, did they laugh!  It wasn't all that wonderful for me. . . . I found a lot of it gross. . . . but boogers and bodily functions tend to be a hit with second grade boys.  Go figure.  At least it was good, clean humor. . . . nothing R rated about it. 

We also made Rice Krispy Treat eggs.  I got the idea from the commercial.  Actually, my youngest pointed it out to me and, when I told her I missed it, proceeded to rewind the television so that I could see it.  Thank you Digital TV.  I didn't know she knew how to do that.  So we pulled out the bag of marshmallows and box of Rice Krispys and made Rice Krispy treats.  You shape them into eggs and let them harden.  Don't forget to butter your hands. . . . I'm still pulling marshmallow out from under my fingernails.  Yuck.

Then you get to dunk them in chocolate.  We just melted chocolate chips.

Dunk them. . . . . .

Schmeer the chocolate on, preferably with a knife, but fingers work too . . . . .

Roll them in colored sugar or sprinkles. . . . . . .

And let them dry.  Easter eggs!  Some uncouth people might say that they resemble something ELSE that the Easter Bunny leaves.   To them, I say phooey . . . . .   We had fun! 

We watched the premier of Dancing with the Stars tonight.  I really do have a thing for old men.  I thought Buzz was so very dapper in his costume.  I still think they should ask Dick VanDyke to join the cast.   That's someone I'd love to see Cha Cha Cha-ing it!

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