Sunday, March 28, 2010

Light Switch Plates on Palm Sunday

 I adore Garage Sale season.  I especially love going with the kids or DH.  We hop in the car with a list of potential "good ones" and start driving. 

We didn't come across anything wonderful this week.  I picked up a sweatshirt for myself and a few pair of jeans for the youngest to grow into.  I love finding kids clothes at garage sales.  For now, it saves me a lot of money.  I am sure the kids will come of an age, soon, where it is no longer cool to wear garage sale finds but, until then, I will continue to supplement their wardrobe with name brand clothing bought for less than a buck!

I was tooling through Home Depot with a friend the other day.  She stopped to look at switch plate covers.  She had just moved into a house and the covers were white and didn't match her walls.  Some of the ones she was looking at were over $10 apiece!  Wow!  So, I got an idea.

The kids' bathroom is painted a blue color.  Recently, they found some ceramic fish at a garage sale that they swore would look great in their bathroom.  They were right. . . they do.  So, now we have a "theme".  I try to stay away from themes in my house because they never turn out looking tasteful. . . just overdone and gaudy.  I'm a sort of extreme person and I never know where to stop.  However, despite my best efforts, we have a fishy theme going on in the kids' bathroom.

We decided to do some switch plate covers for their bathroom.  The great thing about this project is that you probably have most, if not all of the supplies needed.  You'll use the existing switch plates, or, if you have a use for those somewhere else, you can buy really cheap ones.  Go past the switch plates hanging up and look on the bottom shelves, in a box.  That's where they keep the less-than-a-dollar switch plates.  You'll also need some cool photos printed off from your computer that fit over the switch plate.  I got mine off from the Microsoft Office clip art on Word.  Haul out your ModgePodge and a spray sealer and you have all the supplies.

*switch plates
*photos or decorative paper (scrapbook, wrapping or wallpaper)
*modge podge
*spray sealer (I use Krylon 3X but you can use anything)

Cut your paper to fit over the switch plate.  I like to leave a little extra so I can fold over the edges.  Paint your switch plate with modgepodge and fit your paper over.  Smooth and paint the top with modgepodge.

Let dry.  When it's dry, use a very sharp knife and cut out the light hole.  I just poke the screw holes with the knife. . . when you push them thru, they'll make the hole they need.  Spray with a heavy coat of sealer and let dry.  Once it's dry, mount them on the wall.

This project is mostly a "hurry up and wait" type of project.  It's results are pretty cute, though.

The switch plate on the bottom photo turned out kind of "blah" so I took some of the fimo clay used for jewelry making and molded some seaweed.  I gorilla glued them to the paper.  Don't forget to take a sharpie marker and color the screws.  It helps them to not stand out so much.

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