Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jewelry Making Contest

Wish me luck!  I entered into a jewelry making contest.  The "theme" was Glass Beads.  I submitted two pieces.

Here's the first. . . .  (I discovered a "new" trick. . . click on the photo for a bigger, more detailed version.  Not new, new, but new to me!)

It's sideways and I can't figure out how to flip it so turn your head!  This is a lasso rosary for a wedding.  I made this one with Celestial crystals.  If you look close, it's two rosaries, each with their own centerpiece (One of Mary, one of Joseph) joined together.  There's a third centerpiece (the joined wedding rings) and a heart shaped crucifix.  It's so the happy couple can pray the rosary together.

Here's the second piece I submitted. . . . 
This is just a traditional rosary but, for the Our Father beads, I used handmade, lampwork glass beads.  They're purple with a rose inside.  The other beads are regular Czech glass beads in the newest color, Oil Slick.  It's an ugly name but the beads are amazing.  They're color changing, depending on the light.

Grand prize is $1000 gift certificate to my favorite bead store.  Do you know how many rosaries I can make with $1000 worth of beads?!!?  Keeping my fingers crossed!  I should get points for unique. . . . I am sure most people are submitting actual jewelry pieces.

Don't forget to sign up to win the Stations of The Cross chaplet.  See the post below. . . . .

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