Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day Bookshelves

For Valentine's Day, my DH decided to put in a wall to wall bookshelf in our office.  The office used originally built to be a walk in closet but the previous owners used it as a sitting room.  Our room already has one closet and we certainly don't need two so we also choose not to use it as a closet.  We use it as an office.  I've been wanting to put in a wall of bookshelves but we have put it off.

We priced out the wood to put in bookshelves and it totaled over $200 for pine.  Yikes!  We really need something a little harder than pine but the cost just goes up from there.  My youngest just had a birthday and we got her an inexpensive bookshelf from WalMart for her room.  We put it together and were pretty impressed. . . . and the wheels of creativity started turning!!!

We ended up buying four bookshelves at $25 each.  Each bookshelf measures 29.7 inches wide and we have a 115 inch space in the room.  We put together three of the bookshelves per directions and had a space that was too small for the fourth bookshelf.  After putting the three bookshelves in the room, we added the trim to get an exact measurement needed for the fourth bookshelf.

We cut down the fourth bookshelf to the exact measurement.  It fit nice and tight. . . . . 

. . . . and we added the trim.  The trim was from Home Depot.  You can buy the trim per the linear foot and cut exactly what you need at the store.  Down the front of the bookshelf was trim that measured the exact width needed to cover up the fact that it is two bookshelves shoved together.  Across the top was some cheap crown molding.  Total spent on all the trim was $35.  We used finishing nails to attach, filled the holes with putty and painted them white with some leftover white paint we had from painting the front porch. 

The bookcases look built in and they're incredibly sturdy.  This is now, by far, my most favorite room in the house!  Cheating and using pre-fab bookcases saved us over $100 for decent lumber and I don't have to dig through boxes to find my books anymore!  This was a great Valentine's Day gift and we had a lot of fun working on it together.  Thanks honey!


  1. Thank you!! Pinning this for our library :)

  2. Where did you buy the bookshelves for $25?

    1. WalMart. It's been a few years but my WalMart store still sells them for $28 apiece - I just bought two! It's a bit more online but if your WalMart doesn't have them you can order them to be shipped to the store. . Hope this helps!

  3. We just got four when they had them at Walmarts back to school displays for $27 each.