Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seven Sorrows of Mary and the Chaplets

I have finished the chaplets that I was working on this weekend.  It is impossible to work on the chaplets without reflecting on the sorrows of Mary.  As a mother, I can not imagine the amount of pain that she went through.  

The first sorrow of the Chaplet is the Prophecy of Simeon.  This is when Mary presented her son to the Holy Simeon in the temple and he told her of her son's Passion and Death.  How horrible it would be to hold your baby and hear of the tortures that man would inflict on him.  As parents, we do everything in our power to prevent any harms and hurts for our children and she was powerless.  

The second sorrow is the Flight into Egypt.  To protect her child, she and Joseph took Jesus and fled to Egypt.  As they were fleeing, they could hear the sounds of the slaughter in Bethlehem.  They left their home and went to an unfriendly country.  They found that their friends had betrayed them.  Such sorrow.

When Jesus was 12, Mary and Joseph lost him.  Mary was worried that the Prophecy of Simeon was taking place.  They found Jesus after three days in the temple preaching to the elders.  How horrible to not know where your child is!  I panic when I loose sight of them for a second!  Mary and Joseph searched for days, looking for their son.  How frantic she must have been!

The fourth sorrow was when Mary meet Jesus carrying his cross.  How awful.  She knew that her son had been tortured and the torture was going to continue when she met him.  She could do nothing except have faith.  I would hope that I could continue to have Faith, but would I?  I don't believe I could.

The fifth sorrow is when she is at the foot of the cross and sees her son die.  No mother should ever have to loose their child.  This is the sorrow that effects me the most.  Her heart must have been broken and she must have been inconsolable.  

The sixth sorrow is when Mary receives the body of Jesus.  She takes him and lays him across her knees, cradling him as she once did in his infancy.  What was she thinking?  I don't ever want to know.  

The last of the sorrows is when Mary places Jesus in the tomb.  She did most of the work herself, arranging the clothing and the wraps.  His body was anointed and the tomb sealed.  She sends away the other mourners so that she could mourn alone.  She has Faith and Hope that she would see him again as He had promised.   Would I have the Faith?  Would I have the Hope?  

God sent an Angel to Mary and asked her to become the Mother of our Hope, our Faith, our Life.  She said yes.  She had many, many joys as the mother of our Savior but she also had many sorrows.  What a marvelous, phenomenal woman.   What a wonderful Mother.

Seven Sorrows of Mary chaplet made with Job's tears.  Job's tears are also called Mary's tears.  Job's tears are natural.  They're actually a seed that a grass produces.  They have a natural hole and the beads are naturally shiny and hard.
This chaplet is made with 6mm teal Czech glass beads.  Both of the chaplets have medals depicting each sorrow on one side and an image of Mary with her heart pierced with seven arrows on the other side.  Both chaplets are up on eBay right now. . . seller name jbmag4.  If you purchase one, let me know you saw it on my blog and I'll include a free one decade rosary with it!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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