Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rosary Twine and Knotty Rosaries

I realize it has been a week. . . or so. . . since I've posted last.  All I can say is that we've been BUSY.  Very busy.  It seems that all major projects and events are coming due this week and I'm a little swamped.  Most of it is done but I'm also working on a few of my projects which makes for no personal blogging time.
I ordered a bunch of tubes of twine for my knotty rosaries (get it?!?!?) back in December.  Because of weather and flooding issues, I just got the twine in.  Aren't the colors great?

I have a camo color mix and a black that I make knotty rosaries to mail to the troops but I thought that I'd like to have some fun colors.  My personal favorite is the blue, second one in on the top row.  Look at the gorgeous rosary it made.

The "beads" of the rosary are made up of knots which makes this rosary a very quiet rosary.  There are no beads to clack around which is why the troops use them.  The cross is also made up of four knots.  These are remarkably relaxing to make.  I also make the one decade rosaries with them. . . . 

I'm going to make up a bunch of these in fun colors and sell them this coming October at the show that I do.  If you're interested before then, let me know.  The full, five decade rosaries are $10 each and the one decade rosaries are $4.  I will even pay for the shipping!  

I noticed that lime green is quite "in" these days.  Out of my sixth grade Religious Ed class, half of the class's favorite color is lime green.  I made this one a few days ago. . . I was going for unisex.  How did I do?

My Oldest's First Communion Eucharist is coming up in April.  He's quite excited. . . he gets to drink wine.  Hopefully there is more to it but he's definitely all boy.  We're having a lot of family coming in for this so I'm working on the little things around the house that I had meant to do when we moved in three years ago.  Screw holes in the drywall are getting filled, grout is being dug out from around the tub and reapplied and I might even take a Home Depot class and learn how to tile the kids' bathroom floor.  Who puts carpet in a kids' bathroom???  Nincompoops who don't have kids.  As we get closer to the date, I'm imagining my posts will become more frantic and less coherent (are they now?!).  Last count, including our family, this house will be holding sixteen people and four dogs.  Yikes.  I may go stay in a hotel.  Ha!


  1. Awesome work ! Really very creative, making rosary with tubes of twine is something different. All those pictures of rosary that you have shared are really gorgeous infact more beautiful than the real rosary beads. Can you share a video tutorial for it. I would love to make these.