Monday, February 15, 2010

Lent and St. Patrick's Day

Fat Tuesday is tomorrow and Ash Wednesday is day after.  I can not believe that the Lenten season is ready to begin!  In preparation, I'm trying to make a few of the Seven Sorrows chaplets.  Last year, the pope suggested that we pray it during the Lent season and I've decided that I am going to do that this year.  I have one that is almost finished in Job's tears and another in teal blue.  I will post photos when they are done.

My favorite mini holiday is St. Patty's Day.  It probably has a lot to do with my father's "magic apple juice" that turned green once a year, on St. Patrick's Day, because it was poured by a true Irish man.  Anyway, in honor of St. Patrick, I've made two St. Patrick rosaries.  Both are in green but are very different. . . one is in the Celestial Crystals and is a delicate, minty green.  The other is, in my best description, a metallic lime green.  Both have a St. Patrick centerpiece and a Celtic Crucifix. 


In other family news, the youngest is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and has been a booger all weekend .  She's incredibly excited about the whole prospect since this is the first year she will get to bring treats to school.  We made cupcakes and decorated them tonight.  The purple is a new favorite color and the cupcake flavor is a cherry chip.  Mmmm!

Bed to myself tonight. . . DH is off to work a mid.  I'm looking forward to it. . . sometimes it's nice to stretch out and not have to share!

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