Friday, January 8, 2010

The Eight of January. . . . already

So, as I stated in my "about me" and the title of the blog, I started The Thrifty Catholic Mom in an effort to keep track of my New Year's Goals.  I wanted a way to hold myself accountable and to document what I'm doing.

It's the eight of January and Kansas is in a deep freeze.  It's too cold for the kids to go out to play and school has been canceled for the last two days.  We're all slightly stir crazy since the weather has acted like this since Christmas.  Record Breaking Lows, folks!

We decided to start a table top tile project.  My oldest has a small end table with a drawer that he uses for a game table.  The top holds his most precious Chess board. . . . a Christmas gift from Grandpa.  Grandpa found a chess set made out of marble and onyx. . . . or some black and white stones.  It's pretty neat looking but the table is an unattractive garage sale find that serves the purpose of holding games and game pieces.  We are going to tile the top.  

For sixteen cents each, we bought 4x4 ceramic tile at Home Depot.  The tile are nothing special, just white and glossy.  The kids took crayons and drew pictures on the tile.  The crayon transferred really great to the tile and when they made mistakes, rubbed off clean.  We're sealing the colored on tile with some basic spray sealer.  It's a clear gloss sealer that we found in the spray paint section.  It will take four coats to completely seal the crayon on to the tile so that it doesn't rub off.  You need to wait 24 hours between coats and you can't go very thick or it will gunk up. 

We need a total of sixteen tile to cover our table top so I'm dolling out the tile gradually for our project.  I've attached a picture of the first six we've done and we're all pleased with the results.  When we get our sixteen done and sealed, I'll grout them to the top of the table.  More on that as the project progresses!  

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