Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cleaning House

Why is it that the house always seems to get messy but no one did it?

Today we began a marathon house cleaning session.  The DH went off to work and the oldest is dying to start on his pinewood derby car for next weekend's race but the house is calling.  Loudly.  Shrieking.  

We've found this amazing and CHEAP cleaner that pulls soap scum off from the tile and tub without scrubbing.  This same cleaner works marvels when sprinkled on to a dirty carpet and let sit for a few moments before vacuuming.  We also use it to keep the sweaty armpit smell out of DH's undershirts and it works wonders on freshening up a musty car.  What is it?  Believe it or not, it's Arm and Hammer's powdered Laundry Soap.

I was reading a blog  years ago and some woman was singing the praises of the laundry soap.  What got me was that she said that she sprinkles it on to her dry shower, runs a little bit of water to moisten the soap and then uses a washcloth to wipe down the walls and floor with it.  Wallah!  No soap scum.  I had to try it. . . . we have extremely hard water and soap scum is an unattractive part of our bathroom.  It's not pretty and I would spend tons of money on the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers which were the only things I found to work.  And we'd scrub.  And scrub.  And repeat weekly.  I bought a small box of the Arm and Hammer soap and haven't stopped buying it since.  We use it for everything!  The really great thing is that the kids can help out with the cleaning and I'm not too worried about the chemicals.  They're old enough to know not to eat the soap and to wash their hands when done but I was always worried about fumes.  No more.  The poor, overworked children in my household now clean their own bathrooms.

Don't get me wrong.  With the H1N1 going around, the colds and the gross factor, I still bleach the toilets, door handles, sinks and counters.  I just send the kids in there first to get the ick off so that all I have to do is a wipe down.  Fantastic!  

We're off to fold Mount St. Magnus of Laundry.  When that's done, we're going to build the coolest, fastest Pinewood Derby Race Car the Great Plains State has ever seen.  Wish us luck!

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